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Hibernian Online Chess League 2019/20

The HOCL was set up by Peter Scott to cater for Irish clubs during the Covid-29 pandemic in May 2020. Skerries entered a team in the Thursday Summer League.

In the Thursday Summer League the time control is 45 min + 15 sec/move increment. There are six teams in our division. Five matches will be played on five consecutive Thursdays starting on Thursday 21 May, one against each team. Each team has 6 players.

Players need to familiarise themselves with the procedure for starting a match, which sounds very tricky for the captain at least. All games are on Skerries players should create a lichess account as described in emails.

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Starting a Match on Lichess

  1. More than 15 mins before the game join the Zoom meeting to show you are ready. Once the games begin we will end the Zoom meeting. Know your opponents username from the captain's email that day or from this page below.
  2. Have a blank email addressed to the captain ready to send.
  3. White players send a challenge to your opponent, 45m + 15s, white. Black players should wait inactively in the play area on lichess. If you need to, read
    How to challenge your opponent on Lichess and
    How to accept a challenge on Lichess.
  4. After the challenge is accepted but before moving, copy the URL of the game window into the email and send it to your captain. Then play your first move. This lets the captain know you are playing. This applies to white and black players. Lichess links above help with this.
  5. After the game submit the result using the link on our homepage, really on Members > Using
  6. If there is any problem or irregularity during the game email the captain immediately.

Those interested may analyse their games with others on lichess afterwards, immediately with your opponent and/or with some of your team mates once most games are finished.

HOCL Website

For a full fixture list and results see: Hibernian Online Chess League. Read the rules carefully on Hibernian Online Chess League Rules. Specifically players are not allowed to receive any help during a game either from others or from engines or books. Be careful not to unwittingly have other chess programs open on your device as lichess may detect this and classify it as cheating.

Players arriving more than 15 mins after the start time (8 pm) or not at all score a -1 point default for their team. If a player who is declared for the team by 8 pm on Wednesday lets me know in time to tell the controller by 7 pm on Thursday that they cannot play we give a walkover and get 0 on the lowest board but not -1 point.

Our team includes Martin, Greg, John L, Brian, Fred, Joe, Marco, Mark, Aliseo, Owen and Dermot. The rules for board order are similar to the rules for the Leinster Leagues except that players may not play below another player if that player is more than 100 rating points below them in the ICU Ratings of 15 May 2020, unless the higher rated player is rated 1300 or below.

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View Games

As soon as play commences, at 8 pm on Thursdays on the dates below we may stream the HOCL games live. As a trial we will stream the practice games on Tuesday 19 May live from about 8.30 pm. As usual the away team are white on odd numbered boards while the away team are white on even numbered boards. White challenges black always.

Tue 19 May 2020 - Practice Match - Zoom and login 8.15, starts 8.30
Thurs 21 May, Round 1, Inchicore - Skerries, Zoom and login 7.45, starts 8.00 pm GMT
Bd Home Team                            Result  Away Team                         Game URL
1  Rad, Alexandru, alexandrurad         1 / 2   Martin Krug, FrankMangiapane      View Game
2  Roe, Gordon, shliver                 0 - 1   Alex Bottino, Caffe_Latte         View Game
3  Connolly, Eamonn, Eamonn_Connolly    0 - 1   Greg Pawlowski, Litrop            View Game
4  Clarke, Philip, PMC25                1 - 0   Fred Harte, Scarva                View Game
5  Coleman, Rory, Goatpawn              0 - 1   Mark Allidine, MarkLeague         View Game
6  Munoz Gonzalez, Francisco, pasus13   1 - 0   Aliseo Mancosu, madcheck          View Game
                                      2.5 - 3.5
A  John Loughran, NohjHOCL              1 - 0   Owen Johnston, Tau2020            View Game
B  Marco Mancosu, marcomatto            1 - 0   Joe Dunne, phojs1951              View Game
C  View Game
Brian Leonard, leonarb, Dermot Murphy, spidderman, did not play.                     
Tue 26 May 2020 - Practice Match - Zoom and login 7.45, starts 8.00 pm GMT
Bd Home Team                            Result  Away Team                         Game URL
A View Game
B John Loughran, NohjHOCL                       Fred Harte, Scarva                View Game
D Joe Dunne, phojs1951                          Mark Allidine, MarkLeague         View Game
E Owen Johnston, Tau2020                        Marco Mancosu, marcomatto         View Game
Dermot Murphy, spidderman                       Aliseo Mancosu, madcheck
Martin Krug, FrankMangiapane, Brian Leonard, leonarb Alex Bottino, Caffe_Latte, Greg Pawlowski, Litrop  did not play                 

Thurs 28 May, Round 2, Skerries - Bray, Zoom and login 7.45, starts 8.00 pm GMT
Bd Home Team                            Result  Away Team                         Game URL
1  View Game
2  View Game
3  View Game
4  View Game
5  View Game
6  View Game
Thurs 4 June, Round 3, Skerries - Cavan, Zoom and login 7.45, starts 8.00 pm GMT
Thurs 11 June, Round 4, Phibsboro - Skerries, Zoom and login 7.45, starts 8.00 pm GMT
Thurs 18 June, Round 5, Skerries - Curragh, Zoom and login 7.45, starts 8.00 pm GMT

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