Coaching Scheme

Within the club, coaching of juniors is delivered by many of the senior players. Each coach takes from one to six juniors and gives them a session lasting 10 to 20 minutes usually. Juniors should attend early and often, and ask for coaching. "Ask and you shall receive!" Sometimes a record of coaching given is pinned to the club noticeboard and updated by coaches each night. If an adult or parent (with no chess knowledge) is willing to act as a Coaching Officer to organize this it can really help. Skills cards are a good motivator too.

Coaching of the seniors will be given by some of the stronger players or any players willing to prepare and present a topic they have studied. These mutual help groups may take the form of analysing our games together and should boost our performances in time, as well as fostering a good team spirit. Occasionally we get an expert player from outside the club to give a few coaching sessions - see Master Classes.

A lot of coaching is informal, takes place in small groups and includes the topics listed on the Learn page, aimed at juniors and adult beginners. All players should read these topics.

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