Garda Vetting

It is a requirement by law that all members of clubs coming into contact with children are Garda vetted. In our case that means that all adult members, members over sixteen years old and supervisors of Skerries Chess Club need to be vetted, normally at least one parent of a junior member. We liase with the Fingal Volunteer Centre who, as an appointed "relevant organisation" by the National Garda Vetting Bureau in Thurles, act as an intermediary for vetting.

The current Skerries Chess Club Vetting Contact Person (VCP) / Vetting Officer is listed under Contact above.



Vetting Procedure

To begin the vetting process, adult members and supervisors need to complete an Inviter Form, NVB1 for parents and members aged 18 and over, or NVB3 for members aged 16 or 17. These forms and guidelines for filling them in can be downloaded using the links below. The forms request the following information: name, date of birth, contact number, current address, e-mail, role/position. For adult members the role should be specified as "Coach", for teenagers "Teenage Coach" and for supervisors including parents "Supervisor".

The completed form should be presented to the Vetting Contact Person (VCP) along with:

  1. Photo ID, e.g. passport or driver's licence.
  2. Proof of address (POA), e.g. a utility bill with the applicant's name and address on it. This is not necessary for teenagers.
  3. Copies of these where possible, for the VCP to certify, on sight of the originals. If this in not possible the VCP may take a photo of them to print out later.

When a large batch of forms with IDs and POAs has been received, the VCP will send them to the Fingal Volunteer Centre.

Thirty days to complete the online form

Once your inviter form is received you will be sent an e-mail with a link to the online vetting application form by the National Vetting Bureau. You then have 30 days to complete the form online, which basically asks for the addresses of where you have lived. It is a good idea to keep a list of these on a file somewhere to use for other vetting applicactions. A disclosure is then sent to Skerries Chess Club. Vetting is valid for three years. The club will pay the €5 fee, unless the 30 days elapses, in which case the applicant will need to pay the extra €5 fee which the club will be charged for a reapplication.

The contact details of the VCP are on the website under Contact. The VCP will be present for the first few club nights of the season and at the start of other club nights at 7 pm.

Vetting Inviter Forms and Guidelines

Adults including at least one parent/guardian of each junior and teenage member should fill out form NVB1:

SCC Vetting Guidelines - PDF - Guidelines to filling in the NVB1 form.

SCC Vetting Form NVB1 - Word document - You may fill out this form in Word, then sign it and give it to the VCP, or just print it out and fill it in by hand. It is a short form.

SCC Vetting Form NVB1 - PDF - Alternatively you may print this form out and fill it in by hand. It is a short form.

SCC Vetting Form NVB3 - PDF - For members who will be 16 or 17 year old during the season. Their parent should fill out a NVB1 form too.