Guide for users, members, parents, supervisors, captains, officers.

On small screens (mobile, tablet...) choose the icon with three lines in the top bar to see the menu.

How to Sign up and Apply to Join and Enter a tournament or team on our web app (website)


To Find / Search For or get help on any menu item just click the magnifying glass in the menu to search for it.


To log in click the Log in menu.

If you see your Name menu, e.g. John (if your name is John), on the top left, then you are already logged in.


Members have access to more pages, but only when logged in as a member. In your Profile, under Your Name menu, you can view your details including payment records.

Members can enter results of games within the club. See Result. Search for "Result" as above.

Remember to log in as a player to enter an event, tournament, league etc. or as a parent to enter the supervision rota etc.


See Members/Parents above. Parents have access to more pages, but only when logged in as a parent.


Supervisors can join the Supervision Rota by searching for Supervision. On that page you may view or join the rota and show your availability. Supervision tasks are listed, explained and described briefly. Supervisors can do everything that Parents can do, explained above.

To take attendance or view attendance search for Calendar and Attendance.

To enter results of games played in the club search for Result.

Lead Supervisors, Supervision Officer

can edit the Supervision Rota by searching for Supervision. On the Join > Supervision page choose View Rota and the Edit link above a club night.

Team players

Members/parents can view which players are on the panel for each team; search Players. Contact the Club Captain to add a player to a panel.

You can view players' selection for matches and scores afterwards. Search Leagues or Junior, and choose the Players link under the right team.

Players can indicate their Availability for selection for teams under Leagues or Junior. Until they do so they will not show up as available for selection.

The League page has links to Fixtures with results of matches played on the LCU website.

To join a team in the Leinster Leagues or Cups a player should:

For more information search for Leagues.

To join a Junior team a player should:


Before each match on Team > Leagues (or Team > Junior) Players link for their team the captain should

On the match day, straight after his/her game is finished, the captain should

Using the App promptly informs all members including your team and the Club Captain, of board order and results immediately. It is very quick and easy the second time you use it.

When selecting players captains should consider a player's strength (based on SCC and ICU ratings), availability and reliability record including lateness. Where promotion or relegation are not at stake captains may decide to share out places as a proportion of a player's availability, regardless of strength, so that we give as many players as possible the experience of playing for a team.

To add players to your panel ask the Club Captain. The Club Captain should declare the players on your panel on Chessleague, ideally before the first match. Check this has been done using the Update Results - Player Declaration links.


The treasurer and chairperson have access to pages on their dashboard to allow them to record payments in and out of the club, and to monitor the balances in our accounts.

The ICU contribution is a small extra fee for those wishing to play in leagues that require ICU membership. Currently this includes the Leinster Leagues, LCU Cups and any tournaments rated by the ICU. It does not include junior events like the Community Games or Mick Germaine Cup. The player pays the small fee (€10 at the time of writing) and the club pays their membership fee which could cost from €10 to €35 (up to 2023, though this may change).