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For instructions on using see Coaching > . In general we reccommend that our younger members use rather than for reasons outlined in the article linked above. However, if properly supervised (as outlined in the article under General Internet Safety and Good Practice) parents may decide to allow their children to use Then they need to monitor their child's activity more closely as chatting to other chess players worldwide is allowed there. For certain competitions like the Community Games where longer time controls are used then is preferable.

Create a free account on

Go to In the left hand menu click on Sign Up. Choose a username and password. Now and later when entering your details please do NOT identify yourself by name or location or anything that could connect you to Skerries Chess CLub. Otherwise other league players may look up your games and prepare an opening against you as has happened in the past.

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Add other club members to your list of friends

On the left hand menu choose Connect then Friends. Then choose Add / Invite friends. Then enter their username or their email address. When they respond to your friend request then you can do the next step.

Challenge a friend to a game

Hover over Play then choose Live Chess. To the right of (or under) the chessboard in the Play tab, under the orange Play button, click on Play a Friend. A dialog appears. Scroll down and choose the friend. Click on the Time button (10 min) to change it to something like 60 min + 30 sec/move (each) by choosing More under Live (Total time per side). If you see 60 0 30 then press OK. Press Options to play as white or black then Play. When your friend clicks to Accept the challenge, having checked the time and colour, your game begins. Choosing longer time controls makes you think more and improves your chess, as does analysing the game afterwards (see below).

If your friend is not online you can send them a message using Connect - Friends then choose the Speech Bubble beside their username. A green square in a user's picture shows they are on currently.

View a friend's game in progress

In the Play > Live Chess area in the Tournaments tab, in the bottom half, click on the Friends tab Heads and Shoulders icon. then choose the friend whose game you want to view.

Analyse your game or a friend's game afterwards

First view a game as above or otherwise. Then, below the notation click on the Live Analysis button (not the Analysis (by computer) button, and then on the "+" icon to invite friends, e.g. your opponent.

If anyone sends me similar instructions for I will add them to the website.[John Loughran, Mar 2020.]

Continue an adjourned game using

To play from a given position in Lichess choose the TOOLS > Analysis board. Then either play through the game to the desired position or Edit Board from the Hamburger (three lines) Menu icon, bottom right beside play buttons. Then from the same Menu icon choose Continue from here, choose time control and colour, copy the link and email it to your opponent or send a challenge to their username.

How to improve using

Try Puzzles, tactical problems, unsorted the way they appear in games, or sorted by theme to learn different themes like pins, double attacks (deadly) etc. I try and do a few every day. Try Learn > Lessons or Videos. As a free member there is a limit here. Under Today > News keeps you up to date with world chess news, at the time of writing the FIDE candidates tournament to select a challenger for the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen. There is so much to explore and most of it helps to improve your chess.

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How to submit results for rating

Results of online games for rating should be submitted by both players/parents using the short form linked from the homepage.

This will dramatically reduce the workload in collating results to send to the ratings officer. Only results of games played at a reasonable time control should be rated e.g. 15m + 1s on or 30 min or more on other sites. Players should really submit no more than three results per night as skittles games should not be rated.

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If you have any news, pictures or links to other chess sites that you would like to see added to this website please e-mail them to See Contact for more details.

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